The time spent in the silence between heartbeats
reminds me of the pain I once felt for myself
at the rejection from a girl.

The hours spent feeling regret for the countless things
I have only dreamed of and never fulfilled
bring more darkness to my soul.

The memories of lost opportunities ravage my mind
as I damn myself for never having the guts
to take the advantages offered.

Where is the light on the horizon of my future?
My vision grows more blurred and darkness surrounds me
as I stumble around looking for a way out.

These moments have all passed me by and I cannot
return to what I have never done to fulfill
the dreams of my empty yesterdays.

I sigh at the hopeless apathy of tomorrow and wish
that a chance may come to redeem what is left
of my torn soul.



Regret is a morbid happenstance when lost opportunities are focused on and a muse is born from the wonderment of “what if.” So many chances never taken, countless wishes never acted upon, an infinite spectrum of futures and presents which may have been and yet will never be. Focusing on the past is a sad state that many despairing individuals spend most of their lives residing in. Change comes very difficult to those of us who wish to embrace what opportunities exist today so that tomorrow will afford us less regrets.

Ambition and wish fulfillment are no way to think about the past, yet become the only true path to happiness and confidence for the future of ourselves. We must surprise the world with our creative solutions to what no one has yet innovated nor considered possible.

I choose to embrace every chance and take every advantage to better myself, my livelihood, and those I care for…