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The cowboys are dead and gone
The trails are paved from sea to sea
Riding hot bikes and singing sad songs
Everyone’s just a fucking wannabe

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The prairie is just one big landfill now
It burns with the fire of acid rain
While cars spout monoxides so strong
The trees are forced to cry out in pain

Are you afraid of what is to come?
Can you feel the death spasms of Earth?
Humanity is the fire-breathing dragon
This planet a mere sheep roasted into dirt…

It is far too late to save this big ball
As we slice it and dice it every day
Our fathers were blind and destroyed it all
Nothing is left for us to save…

A solution has been found at last:
Humanity must vacate the globe
Fly away and never come back
That is Earth’s one and only hope!



The pollution we humans have wrought upon this planet grows exponentially every generation. New resources and better means of energy production must be found and developed to sustain the booming, hungry, and apathetic population. Harsher and more liberal environmental safety and public safety standards must be put into place. We need to find a way to sustain our world while we desperately seek out a new world to colonize before it is all lost and we end in the silent aftermath of implosion or nuclear holocaust.