The moment has come
To begin once more from the prime.
Mother Earth:
Listen and confirm.
Human Race:
Be lissome and conform.

Our world is disintegrating all around us
And we, like blind idiots, ignore the signs of decay.
We have polluted the land, the air, and the water
Yet we go on insisting it will all fade away.
The season is right now to discuss
How we are causing our own self-slaughter.

Heed the prophets,
Forget the religion.
It traps us in the past.
Begin anew with freedom,
Follow your passion.
Your dreams are in your grasp.

We must cleanse the Earth before it dies.
Put back the trees, sift out the seas,
But this is only the beginning.
There is much to do to put all our souls at ease.
From the refuse we can rise
But only if we scour everything.



 As I witness every day more and more destruction of the planet at the hands and heartless deeds of humanity, I wonder how anything can ever truly change.

Are we beyond the turning point or can the Earth be rescued from the death of all life before it is too late?

Is it too late?

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