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My heart throbs away from me and I run after it…
This has happened before but I have never noticed.
The beauty of life is filled with malice…
The sane mind conceals the insanity of the truth within.
And we are all adrift between eternity and death.
The stains of pain remind us to be alert to the lies that pervade our lives.
Sometimes we give in to it all and the pleasures we find remind us
of what we are missing when we fight the passions of our hearts.
So chase after your heart, follow that ambition to the ends of eternity…
Doing less would be fatal to your soul.



A silly scratch caused Uncle Willy’s back to hurt.
His runny nose couldn’t help his money woes either. View full article »

I’ll eat your heart out with my chocolate desire.
The temptation is too marshmallow to resist.
If you cram your graham into my mouth,
I’ll always want smores.

I greet you with my mouth,
yet only wish to be
without any bother from you
or your society. View full article »

The sweaty disgruntled man sits
with his eyes closed, not sleeping,
barely aware of his words View full article »

These words are nothing in the immensity of 
I   n   f   I   n   I   t   y   .
But for a fleeting moment 
they stir a sudden reaction in your head 
as you read them.

So here I go again… View full article »

I want to taste your sweet fragrance
And bathe in the desire I can see
deep in your eyes. View full article »

My troubled soul seeks out the vanished
dreams that once inspired my blood to
flow and my heart to beat. View full article »

Sunset on a New Horizon
Plumes of green

Stand tall and lean
In cloudless sky
The sun cannot be denied.

Fractalistic leaves
Infinite shades of green
Both high and low
With a breeze they flow.

A single puff of cloud
Alone among the crowds
Of all the sky hues
Variations of violets and blues.

Cold facades protrude
Harshly they spin the mood
Cutting straight sharp edges
Towering above the dying hedges.

Sweet songs of birds
No longer can be heard
For the roaring rumbles cry
As the cars of humanity fly by.



Like the poem Autonomy, I recently discovered this scribbled on a scrap of paper mixed in with countless doodles and other poems buried in the bottom of my old trunk.

Listen to me READ Illicit Ravings on Reverb Nation

The abysmal silence around my mind makes me think of nothingness
  and fills my head with empty dreams of abysmal silence.

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Like a tomato I need to catch up…
Like a tornado I wish I could spin… View full article »

Come get away from me as I will pull you toward eternity View full article »

I found him dreaming in the land of Sears
With heart and confidence, I made him what he became
He took me everywhere, we flew together for years
We were free: chasing storms, through wind, snow, rain…

Those were our favourite pastimes, Stormchaser and I;
Solid frame, black with grey speckles, twelve speeds.
For three years we were inseparable -
Together we became one, riding miles hands free.

Three years of emotional motion at an ever-faster pace
And then Stormchaser was taken from me.
No ransom, no phone call, just lost without a trace.
Now he is just a cherished memory…



For most of my youth, I had ridden a bicycle of some sort. The first one I ever purchased using my own earned income was Stormchaser. I named him that because I could outrun oncoming storm fronts and usually followed behind storms as they passed through town in front of me.

My primary means of transportation to and from high school and college was bicycle. While I almost always locked him up at locations I knew were dangerous, occasionally no place or method could be found to secure Stormchaser. One day he was just gone and I was forced to walk home.

Written in 1996, this poem is an ode to the wonder and pleasure and confidence of uniting my balance with two wheels. My reference to flying is how accustomed I became to the center of gravity and thus could ride for miles without touching the handlebars. I would stretch our my arms and soar…

Bicycle assembly and repair is just one of those things I picked up from my brother, who had taught himself how to repair things. All of my siblings have tinkered with devices most of our lives, taking things apart and figuring out how they function. Repairs and maintenance were always things we could do without asking for help.

The memory of my years on two wheels is something I cherish. My desire to return to the balance and drive of riding a bicycle will be fulfilled soon…

I am no longer who I once was.
Each day I become a different me. View full article »

You can not imagine the desperate solitude of my soul…
Your mind would collapse under the strain if you even tried. View full article »

The time spent in the silence between heartbeats
reminds me of the pain I once felt for myself
at the rejection from a girl. View full article »

(c) 2010 - 2012 Xoandre

Omega Calypso by Xoandre

The end of all things may take me yet I am determined to
    forsake all that I have loved to continue onward, outward, forward, away
      from the end of all things to come and go toward the nothingness of infinity
        and hide in the doubled shadows of the ecliptic moon as the sun dies away
          into eternal cold and night and all the light that may be found is starlight
            from high above and all have gone away from here and me and this time
          as I lie dreaming in my cozy little bed in the home that I cannot afford
        in a country filled with people who seek out the end of all things
      with the leader who is destroying more than was thought to be in existence,
    thus leading to the ultimate Omega Calypso.



An Omega Calypso is a concept I have created to be defined as the ultimate in final decisions which eclipse all other decisions, overriding all arguments to the contrary and negating all protestation from those who disagree. The artwork included has been designed based on this concept.

Forever is:
      the infinite depths where I am lost in your eyes…
      an unseen color shift within the rainbow in the sky…
      the memory of yesterday and the dreams of today…
      tomorrow’s promise that everything will be okay…

My forever:
      is filled with love everlasting…
      will be a magic ride on dragon wing…
      is opportunity never passing by…
      can be seen deep within my eyes.

Suddenly I find myself enraptured
by the ideas that make my own head spin
like the top of the ladder
as the clown so drearily bumps into my support
and I am thrown for the loop and the leap of faith
in my imagined revolution of revelations
as the river in my head spills over
into the valley of reality and I am
drowned in the satisfying glee of epiphany.



Being uninspired for a prolonged period of time can further depress the already frustrated writer… After a long hiatus of original thought, the sudden sharpness which collides with my conscious mind can catch me off guard, and drive me to complete excitement and inspiration.

Writing poems like this one, in which the entirety is a single sentence constructed of phrases and ideas linked by a word or two, with perpetual flow of thought is something I have begun to make a habit of using throughout my writing processes. I know some people have short attention spans. They like short sentences. Sound-bites are how they think. It is also how they talk.

I, however, prefer to elaborate and expound on my technical and grammatical knowledge of writing how I think and how I wish I could speak in public, but find myself distracted and flustered by both nerves and rapidity of thought processes. Some people find it easier to read short sentences. They prefer simplicity. I can appreciate that. But the challenge of constructing a sentence which contains more than ten words and still holds the reader’s attention while making perfect sense – that is why I chose to use line breaks to separate each turn of thought…

A mindstorm of numbness surrounds my head.
I feel like my world is already dead. View full article »

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